Discover a world of night diving

The idea of diving at night can be scary, especially if the underwater darkness amplifies fears of safety, or brings sensationalised movie ideas together (if you’ve recently seen ‘Jaws’ or ‘Open Water’). However the good news is that in reality, it is very different!

Night diving usually involves kitting up after sunset and entering the water just before dusk, giving you natural light for both gear preparation and initial directional assistance. But once you’re in the water, a completely new world of activity can be discovered: one of brightly colored corals standing out of the darkness, nocturnal creatures such as octopus and crustaceans hunting and if you’re comfortable turning your flashlight off, sparks of bioluminescent plankton firing around you!

Whilst night diving is accessible with regular SCUBA, currently it’s not possible to take children younger than 10 years of age. STEPDive can change this paradigm by giving families the opportunity to dive together at night, whilst still ensuring industry standards are met.

Of course, whether you’re diving with STEPDive or regular SCUBA, you should always have a compass and backup source of light, but with our optional night diving attachment, you can:

  • Dive with a broader base of ambient light, that can be individually configured the way you want;
  • Have an effective surface marker, recognisable underwater and to boats (should they be operating); and
  • Dive with complete confidence (provided through the additional safety of the raft and by gaining a better feel for the surroundings).

Let your family experience the thrill of diving at night with STEPDive – I highly recommend it!

See you underwater!

:: Darren